Digital Transformation for Businesses

eCommerce Integration

  • Design and build your online presence with built-in tools

  • Build shopping carts & sell digital products

  • Cross-sell, up-sell & run promotional campaigns

  • Configure payment options & shipping methods

  • Integrated billing, accounting & reporting

  • Audio / Video conference with your partners, customers, or vendors

  • Industry specific solutions available for Education and Telehealth

Secure Remote Access

  • Remote Access solutions connect remote workers to your network, secured by access policies set by headquarter / branch office

  • Dramatically simplifies enterprise IT and reduces risks and costs

  • Provides Virtual WAN connectivity via a broadband connection

  • Cloud based console to manage on-site devices providing connectivity

  • Turnkey appliances for onsite deployment to enable remote working

Secure Remote Collaboration

Compliance Management

  • Audited collaboration on files online

  • Secure chats, Video/Audio calls & Screen sharing

  • Activity logging of users and resources

  • Optical Character Recognition for images

  • Document Repository with Role Based Access

  • Track timelines via Alerts

  • Comprehensive Executive Dashboards

Project Management

  • Securely share & edit files online

  • Secure chats, Video/Audio calls & Screen sharing

  • Manage Calendars, Contacts and Mail

  • Link resources to Projects

  • Track and manage tasks

  • Manage Projects- the Kanban way

Pricing starts from ₹4500 per instance / month*. For detailed pricing, please contact us